Three Mobile Network Review

Three is a popular UK mobile phone network that was founded on 3 March 2003. Initially, the aim of the company was to focus on 3G technologies, which saw them undertake one of the biggest 3G rollout ever carried out on UK soil. In 2008, the company adapted the HSDPA technology and since then continues to maintain a considerable amount of 3G coverage in the nation. The company also provides both contract and PAYG services to clients who are interested in their services. Across the nation, they have opened many retails outlet shops named 3Store, where clients can walk in to choose different mobile phone plans that suit their needs. This is a Three mobile network review to guide users when they are looking for the best tariff plans to get in the market.

Back in July last year, the company unveiled a new offer that was aimed at low-use PAYG clients. This move not only made them the best value option among many users, but it also made them the best network provider in the nation. Some of the latest deals that their legions of customers can enjoy include; the truly unlimited data and pay as you go offers that have benefited many. They also avail 3 mobile enabled contract phones that can be purchased from different stores. If you are in the UK and looking to get the best 3G tariff plan for your handset, it is advisable to conduct a comparison test among different network providers to get the best deals. Some of the most common ones that you will encounter will include; Virgin, O2, Three, EE and Vodafone. Once you have contrasted different price rates that are on offer, choosing a suitable mobile network will become much simpler.

Three SIM contracts are classified differently to suit different customers. For example, a user can decide to get the Pay As You Go offer simply because they want to pay only for what they have used. The rates here are much reasonable and cheap when compared to other network operators in the nation. Alternatively, a client can decide to get the All in One Plan, which comes with a truly unlimited data package at a monthly fee of £15 a month. The PAYG contract also includes additional 3000 texts and 300 minutes talk time that is added in your All in One Plan. Although the Three mobile network boosts over 3.5 million people who are subscribed to their services, many people have complained about their customer services, which leaves much to be desired.

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