No Credit Mobile Guide

If you have never had a credit card, never had an overdraft and always lived at home, you would think you would have a great chance of being accepted for a mobile phone. This is far from the truth and it is harder than you think for people who are good at managing their money.


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Help when applying for a mobile phone with No Credit:

Below are a few ways in which you can increase your chances or find out where you have gone wrong when applying in the past.

Not on electoral role

If you have moved home many times, been to university then you may not be registered on the electoral role. This is essential for applying for mortgages and can also impact mobile phone contract applications.

How to fix? – Visit to print out a registration form and then you can apply to be put on the register. (Check your credit report for free after about a month to see if you have been added)

Never had a Credit Card

If you have not had any sort of credit in the past then the likelihood is that your credit file will be rather bare. This makes it incredibly difficult for companies to assess whether you will pay or whether you can afford to pay.

How to fix? – Apply for a credit card or an overdraft and use it but make sure you can pay it back otherwise you may end up with another problem entirely. It will take several months for a credit card to show up on your credit file so be patient.

Not applied for a mobile phone before

If you have not credit then you won’t have had a mobile contract before and so mobile companies will be wary to accept. However there are ways to help improve your chances.

How to fix? – If you have a mobile phone but on pay as you go then it could be a good idea to apply to the provider you are currently with (Virgin, EE, and Shebang)

Alternatively other fixes are to try out a Sim only deal. Sim only contracts have the pricing benefits of a regular mobile contract without the expensive handset. Sim Only contracts are offered by all providers but from experience and research, Shebang Sim Only have the best chance of successful connection.

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