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focused towards people with bad credit

Need help finding a mobile contract suited to you?

Have you suffered from poor or bad credit in the past?

We can help and guide you on selecting the best phones and networks to apply for.

Virgin - Discover New Deals

Virgin Media is a fast growing network offering users Mobile deals from as low as £10 a month. Users can combine products like virgin broadband and TV for some great savings.

Click here to apply with Virgin

Vodafone - Now with 4G

Vodafone is one of the worlds biggest mobile networks offering a wides selection of phones from budget handset to the latest 4G models.

Click here to apply with Vodafone

Three - Cheap Contracts

Three Mobile offer great value for money to it customers. Check out their data and call time packages to save a bundle on your monthly bill. They also have a range of unlimited deals.

Click here to apply with Three

Shebang - No Credit Checks

Shebang offers 100% guaranteed approval on a select few handsets, these do cost a little more than average. However there SIM only contracts offer great value for money along with no credit checks.

Click here to apply with Shebang

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Living with Bad Credit

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Experian Credit File Explained

Your credit file can be an important tool in working out why you are getting declined for a mobile phone or indeed any financial service. Read exactly what to look out for on your credit file and what you can do to improve it. - View the Experian Credit File Explained Article

No Credit Check Page

View the options for a no credit check mobile phone deal. Get a full explanation of why you could try a no credit check mobile phone deal or if its best to try and apply for a contract aimed at bad credit customers. - View the No Credit Check Page

How to Avoid Bad Credit

If you have missed a payment or are facing financial difficulty the best way to stop the bad credit trap is to avoid it altogether. A full guide on how to avoid bad credit is enclosed. - View the How to Avoid Bad Credit Page